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Security Guard Company Serving North Carolina
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Security guard Company North Carolina
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Security Guard Company North Carolina

+1 (800) 915-9385 | USPA International North Carolina Branch – Security Guard Company Serving North Carolina. Licensed Security Guards, Armed Guards and Bodyguards Serving North Carolina.

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Security Guards NC for all Situations
USPA International is a private security guard company Charlotte NC that is at the forefront of providing security solutions for individuals, families, corporate organizations and even government agencies. We pride ourselves in offering quality security services to all our clients, whatever their needs may be. With more than 2,700 bodyguards who have gone through our Certified Contractor Program we are able to cater to a diverse range of clients.
Our areas of specialization are many and we provide several levels of executive protection. 

Armed guards NC for dignitaries
High profile figures require protection services for various reasons, and USPA International understands this. Whether you are a government official or a VIP, our security guards will stay close to you and protect you against any threats that may confront you in the course of your engagements.

Secure transport for high profile figures
During periods of travel, high profile figures may require additional protection to thwart potential security problems. USPA International will take steps to assess potential threats and come up with strategies such as evacuation routes that may be used in the case of an emergency. Our security guards Charlotte NC will be with you throughout the course of your travel to offer protection at all times. 

We go a step further and liaise with the fire department of the area you will be travelling to so that they can be on standby to offer backup in case of an emergency. We also alert the local rescue personnel so that they can offer their services if need be. For our clients who choose or have to travel by air, we may notify the airline’s special services in advance.

We not only provide protection but also ensure there are no inconveniences during the travel period. We do this by coordinating the departure and arrival of the dignitaries under our watch so as to make their travels as hassle-free as possible.

Security solutions for corporate clients
USPA International understands the constant need for new security solutions to meet the demands of corporate clients. We have security guards Charlotte NC who will not only offer protection for your company but also recommend the best security systems to install in order to keep your workplace secure at all times. We offer a full range of specialized protection services that are customized to suit each corporate client’s needs
Disaster relief protection
In the aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane, problems arise when it comes to travel, communication and even accommodation. In such a situation our security guard company Charlotte NC will deploy large personnel to assist you, be it in your home or business premises. 

High risk terminations
In high risk termination situations, where a large volume of employees had been laid off, violence is very likely to occur, making the workplace unsafe for the remaining workers and customers. Our armed guards will secure your workplace making sure order is maintained and the safety of everybody involved is upheld.

Secure transport
We do not just offer secure transportation services to dignitaries. We extend this to businesses and organizations who may wish to safely transport their assets and cash from one place to another. We have a fleet of armored vehicles that we use to ensure all items on transit under our care reach their destinations safely. We will also have our armed guards Charlotte NC accompany your cash and assets throughout the duration of transportation.

Disaster recovery
After disaster strikes, it is very easy to lose control of your security system. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your business continues running smoothly and that no one takes advantage of your security system during this vulnerable period. That is where USPA International comes in. Our security guard company Charlotte NC will dispatch guards to your premises to keep watch and ensure no unauthorized persons have access to your servers or any other sensitive dockets. 

Protection of government facilities
Government agencies are always at threat of security breaches, which if executed can have dire consequences on national security. As USPA International, we utilize state of the art technology and decades of experience to provide reliable security solutions to government facilities. Our security guards have undergone intensive training in terrorism awareness enabling them to identify threats and deal with them appropriately.

High risk areas
We provide security guards for high risk areas for instance in the marine industry where the security threats are high. We train our security guards in maritime security so that they may offer protection to large vessels which are in areas prone to piracy.

It is the wish of all parents to keep their children safe at all times. USPA International shares this concern and that is why we provide nanny guards who are trained in protecting young children against possible threats such as kidnapping. Our nanny guards are trained in travel security, secure driving, abduction mitigation and evacuation. You can rest assured that your children are in safe hands at all times if you hire our security guard company Charlotte NC to watch over them.

Private clients
USPA International provides security services for private clients such as those who may be at risk of kidnapping. We not only provide you with protection but also equip you with crucial knowledge such as what might make you a vulnerable target for kidnapping. If you have been experiencing problems with a stalker, our armed guards Charlotte NC will offer close protection services and also residential protection. Our bodyguards will work with you on a short or long term basis depending on your needs.

USPA International has something for everyone. Whether you are a private client, a business entity, a government organization or a high-flying public figure we are able and ready to meet your security needs. All you need to do is get in touch with us today and let us keep you safe. We will watch your back so you don’t have to look over your shoulder as you go about your business. 

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